Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Daily Divination: Crystal Awareness

Daily Divination with Clear Quartz

clear quartz cluster rock crystal
Rock Crystal Cluster from
My affirmation today turned out to be a crystal awareness card - another tool I use in my life's journey. I took it to suggest I pick out a crystal that is relevant for me for today. I keep a basket of crystals beside my affirmation cards so.... the crystal that has come to me is clear quartz or rock crystal. Here is what it means for me.

When I pick out a crystal I like to sit with it and see what comes to mind. My first thought today is the word CLARITY. Clear Quartz is a wonderful crystal for clearing away blockages, for providing a path for clear thinking. It isn't always a calm thing to do - it sort of blasts through without any subtlety. Quartz is a great energizer helping you to 'up your game' when you are feeling low or depleted.

This particular piece of rock crystal has been part of a cluster at some point and has broken off, it has a lot of imperfections, a missing slice from one side which actually provides a comfortable place for my finger to rub. It also has a chipped point. It is clear at the top and more opaque near the base. Why am I telling you this? Because I feel the appearance as well as the feel and energy of any crystal you pick is relevant.

To me this crystal kinda reflects where I am now - kinda broken and certainly imperfect - but still valuable in my own way. The imperfections of this crystal don't stop it being potent. As it lies in my lap as I type this I can already feel the vibrations from it working on my energy body.

It is no secret I am struggling a bit right now - not unusual for this time of year for many of us. I believe the Universe is always willing to help and sends us messages and tools to guide us when we need and when we ask.  Today I will carry my piece of clear quartz with me, I will use it to meditate this evening and although I'll stop at having it under my pillow - WAY too energizing for sleep - I will take its lessons with me and see what my dreams tell me.

My Crystal Awareness Card
properties of quartz
Crystal Awareness Card
Properties of Clear Quartz


If you would be interested in a crystal reading you can contact me. I ask for a £5 donation payable by PayPal. For a reading, once I have your name and location I will pick out a crystal at random and send you my insights. There is no such thing as coincidence - what appears is what you need for now. I type as it comes to me so it can be disjointed but is always relevant to you at this time.

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