Friday, 24 April 2015

Life Lessons: Daily Reflection for 24th April

Water Water Everywhere

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If the Universe is sending me a message right now it involves water. I've written about signs, symbols, synchronicity and listening to the whispers in an earlier post. Now I need to put it into practice and to reflect on what this means for me and what I am supposed to be paying attention to. These are my reflections on this particular whisper and how to interpret its meaning.

From a drip to a flood

For a about a week I have heard a drip of water in the bathroom but couldn't really see where it was coming from so just dismissed it - until water started dripping down into my kitchen. Not good.

It took multiple phone calls and emails to the agency I rent from before they got a plumber out to me two days later. Meantime I saw increased evident of water damage in both the bathroom and kitchen.

The lovely plumber lad took ages and a lot of trouble to find the leak but I won't go into that just to mention that it wasn't easy.  Fixed - or so I thought but I got up this morning to discover there is no cold water feed to my shower - well I suppose it is better than no hot water feed but it took quite a bit of ducking and diving to get a shower without scalding myself. More phone calls and more waiting since they can't come until after the weekend. So once again not an easy or instant fix.

Why am I telling you all this? Simply to illustrate how it doesn't serve your higher good to ignore the softest whisper so it doesn't become a shout. If I had continued to ignore that leak no doubt it would have gone from a simple drip to the ceiling coming down around my head. But what is important is the question - why is this happening for me and why now? What do I need to learn or pay attention to?

inspiration poster
inspiration poster

What is the Universe telling me? 

How to decipher the message

It is obviously time for me to figure out why this is happening to me and I suppose the first thing is to decide what water symbolizes for me personally. 

The Symbolism of Water

Water is one of the four elements that play an important part in metaphysics. It is easy to find different interpretations of the symbolism of water. It can represent purity and innocence, feminine rather than masculine energy and is an essential symbol of Mother Earth and Nature. Jung talks about water as a passive element but it can also be turbulent. Water can change its form from calm to fury. It flows downward and will always find the easiest path. Water can appear is so many different moods. Other suggested meanings include cleansing, rebirth, regeneration, reflection, life and fertily. The list is almost endless but in life lessons what is important is what it means for you personally. 

I still need to do a meditation this evening on what this message is but my first reaction is that for me at this time it is associated with emotion. 

What came first to my mine ws that I had come across the concept of water symbolising emotion with Tai Chi year ago.  At the time I loved Tai Chi  and certainly found it very beneficial. I even went on to do some teacher training with Jason Chan and developed a simple form for my clients. I haven't done any for years, not since I developed chronic muscle fatigue. 

While I was doing teacher training with Jason, the element of water was highlighted as one I needed to work with. At the time I was presented with one of his T-shirts illustrated with the element. The idea was that wearing the T-shirt and element would help me work with it. I can remember being a bit peeved that my element wasn't fire. 

Then it was associated with emotion, especially repressed emotions so perhaps there are two lessons in my present situation - 

1. I need to look at the emotional issues of the past that are holding me back and

2. I need to get back to Tai Chi. I even bought the DVD months ago and have never even watched it. Why? I have NO idea. What is holding me back from improving how I feel and how much in balance and harmony I am? Certainly health issues have become problem in the last year and until recently I have been passive - not taking action on taking care of myself in mind, body OR spirit?  

Maybe I am simplifing it all but as I said before, the essential premise in life lessons is what it means or represents to you personally and that is what I am working with today. 


  1. Yes, very important to listen and pay attention to those whispers.

  2. I loved it when I read that you were peeved your element wasn't fire. We want so badly to be and be seen a certain way, don't we? And when we get to know who we really are, it's like coming home. Water is such a powerful element! I love that it's yours. I'll be pinning this for the future. Thanks for the reminder about listening to the whispers!