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Numerology: What does you name tell you?

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Here is a fun test on how to translate your name and date of birth into numerology terms to reveal what it says about you and your purpose in life.

Numerology can be fun or it can be serious. It is the metapyshic concept that believes there is a link between letters and numbers that can aid in deciphering character and personality traits.

Here it is a bit of fun with a serious twist. I use it with my clients as a simple way of getting in touch with their inner feelings and how they actually feel about themselves - something discussed in a more serious way within the course. YOUR Life in YOUR Hands.

 In his article The Basics of Pythagorean Numerology, Michael McClain appears to align it as a form of astronomy and an aid in self help. Michael explains just what numerolgy is and as the aritcle is easy to read I recommend you go there for deeper understanding. 

Numerology - Take the test. 

Find out what your date of birth and your name reveals about you in numerology terms.

1.  Write your NAME on a piece of paper.

2.  Find the numeric value for each letter from the list below.

3.  Reduce to a single figure between 1 & 9 as shown.   This is your destiny number.

4.  Write your date of birth.

5.  Reduce the value to a single figure between 1&9.   This is your talent number. 

EXAMPLE:   J O E       B L O G G S
                       1+6+5   +  2+3+6+7+7+1 = 38    3+8=11   1+1=        2

            1+0+9+1+9+7+8= 35   3+5=                                                  8

            2+8=10      1+0=                                                                     1

Numeric values to the alphabet

1=AJS   2=BKT   3=CLU   4=DMV   5=ENW   6=FOX   7=GPY   8=HQZ   9=IR

numbers from


DESTINY NUMBER: Represents the purpose of life, the environment, the opportunities to be met or the final accomplishment. Your name can change over your lifetime so it is worth repeating. 

1:         You prefer to lead than to be lead in your field of work.  Be wary of the negative aspects like egotism and selfishness.  People will look to you for guidance and direction so be prepared.

2:         Co-operation, diplomacy and peaceful co-existence are your goals in life.  You may be called upon to act as arbitrator and peace-maker.  Cooperation, sharing and association will bring you success. 

3:         Popularity, happiness for self and others, love, romance and material possessions are salient features in your life provided a positive use of talent is made.  You are a joy giver to others. 

4.  You tend to take responsibility.  Others will depend on you for help and support.  Limitations in life may frustrate you.  Through patience, determination, order, sincerity, honesty and service you will provide security for others and yourself.

5:         You like to work with people and tend to promote progress.  Change, new circumstances, new approaches, variety, versatility and unexpected happenings will be salient features in your life.  Be wary of being too controlled.

6:         Love, duty, responsibility and charity are keywords.  You are dependable, generous and bring comfort to others.  The more you do for others the more love, comfort and money will surround you.  For your own progress you need beauty, companionship, love and harmony. 

7:         You search for wisdom or hidden truths.  You may find yourself lonely even in the midst of people.  You like to delve deeply into things.   Popularity, love and respect should come to you for the knowledge you attain and you should be good at passing on your knowledge to others. 

8:         Management, organisation and administration should lead you to a position of authority and recognition.  You will have to make a proper assessment of people and events from time to time, not always an easy task.  Money may not always be the line of development.

9:         You are destined to be popular.  Love of brotherhood and service to mankind will be part of your personality.  Love, romance, music and art interest you deeply.  Compassion, generosity and understanding are keywords.   

TALENT NUMBER: As it is the sum of your DOB it never changes in life and represents your natural talents, characteristics and perhaps points to what you are here to do.  It is the hallmark of who you really are and what you are cut out to do.

1.         Positive effect: Courage, initiative, originality, individuality, creativity, and leadership qualities, will, determination, independence, force of action, attainment.
            Negative effect: Prefer to handle things your own way, rarely turning to others for help.  Can be obstinate even when heading for disaster.  Must be wary of aggressiveness, boasting, dominance and egotism. 
2.         Pos:     Peace, co-operation, association, partnership, diplomacy, arbitration, agreement, adaptability, modesty, friendliness, graciousness, meditation, spiritual influence.
            Neg:    Can be over sensitive and easily hurt.  Can be shy, timid, lonely and unhappy.  You may pay too much attention to details resulting in loss of time.  Depends on assurance and encouragement.

3.         Pos:     Artistic, creative, imagination, inspiration, good with words, versatility, optimism, love of pleasure, good luck, happiness, brilliancy, prophecy, cheerfulness and fun.
                Neg:    Can be moody.  Scattered interests and extravagance can lead to loss and disappointment.  Loose talk, exaggeration and self-centredness could make you unpopular.  Can find it difficult to forgive and be over critical of others.

4.         Pos:     Constructive, systematic, practical, down-to-earth, steady, calm, efficient, builder, serious, scientific, application, responsibility, industrious, honest, faithful, determined.
            Neg:    Can lack imagination and develop fixed ideas.  Can appear stubborn to others.  Argumentative, extreme seriousness and dominance must be guarded against.  You may work too hard with no time for leisure or family.

5.         Pos:     Energy, versatility, resourcefulness, and action. Love of freedom and change, entertainment, amusement, sexuality, quickness in thinking, cleverness, and administration.
            Neg:    You may have too many irons in the fire, Jack of all trades and master of none, if you are not careful.  You can be restless, nervous and discontented.  You should keep a check on your mood and impulsiveness.  Being sarcastic and critical is not helpful to anyone.

6.         Pos:     Artistic, creative, responsible, humanitarian, loyal, dependable, unselfish, harmonious, balanced, just, righteous, love of home, domestic, genes.
            Neg:    Too much love of duty and sacrifice can bring personal disappointments.  Can have a tendency towards being fussy, trivial and arrogant.  Guard against becoming complacent and selfish.  Don't fall for flattery.

7.         Pos:     Research, analysis, understanding, investigation, intellect, observation, specialisation, inventive, love of solitude, philosophy, meditation, perfection, dignity, charm.
            Neg:    Can be too reserved, unadaptable and lack trust in others.  Can be aloof, confused and depressive.  Pride can lead to wrong situations.  Be careful not to be too cynical, bad-tempered and sarcastic.  Can be extravagant and lack understanding for the needs of others. 

8.         Pos:     Toughness, tenacity, authority, executive ability, direction, supervision, efficiency, organisation, judgement, materialism, management, administration, ambition, dependability.
            Neg:    Can be over ambitious and too materialistic leading to strain and tension.  Love of recognition and display of power must be guarded against.  You can also lack understanding and consideration for others and submit to obstinacy and impatience.  Money does not come easily to you.

9.         Pos:     Selflessness, forgiveness, humanitarianism, compassion, tolerance, generosity, broad-mindedness, charitable, philanthropic, writer, artistic, dramatic talents, impulsive, unorthodox, spiritual.
            Neg:    Can be moody and impulsive.  Can act in haste and repent later.  Changeable in love affairs, careless of money and with a capacity for enjoying the high life if given the opportunity.  At times selfish. Possessive and intolerant.

The value of something simply like this is in getting you to look at yourself.  This type of thing gives you the opportunity to acknowledge the good and the bad that is in us all.   A large part of the course is in developing your sense of self-awareness - essential if you are going to heal and grow.

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  1. Very interesting...I'm a three in Destiny Numbers, and a 6 in Talent Numbers. hmmmm, not sure those are accurate, but it was fun anyway! Thanks for sharing this!