What is YOUR Life in YOUR Hands?

Introduction to YOUR Life in YOUR Hands

What is the Your Life in Your Hands Self Help?

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'Hands': Your Life in Your Hands
How often have you heard the phrase – it’s your life in their hands? As a health care profession over the last 40 odd years I probably heard it more than most and it has inspired my self-help book and online course which aims at placing your life very firmly in your hands.

Using all those years of experience working in health and complementary health related jobs, the concept running through the book is helping you find ways to look after yourself in mind, body and spirit. That may be as simple as making small lifestyle changes in eating and exercise but also includes exploring how the subtle energy body – the aura, chakra and meridian lines – affect us too. Then going beyond that, the book looks at ways you can expand your awareness and help with self esteem and personal growth. Topics covered include meditation and visualization and some simple forms of divination as tools of self-help.

The e-book stands alone but if you prefer, I have an on-line course where I will work through it with you. For information contact me on annmackiemiller@yahoo.co.uk

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I hope you find something here that helps you but remember we are each unique in our reactions and understanding. No reaction is wrong, simply different. If something rings a bell – embrace it but don’t worry and don’t beat yourself – or me – up if something doesn’t chime. Just move on to something that seems real to you. I do encourage you to give it all a chance though.

Best wishes and bright blessings Ann

Explaining the Self-Help Concepts

Everyone is looking for healing. It may be physical, mental or emotion, even spiritual.

Almost everyone I meet is restless, dissatisfied with her internal and external worlds. Added to that is a vague feeling of not achieving full potential, a feeling that something is missing.

Many people feel sluggish – mentally, physically and emotionally. They feel not exactly ill but not really well either. No-one, not even the loud-mouths, ever seem to think they are good enough.

At the same time people express a feeling on the edge of conscious thought that there is an awareness of shifts: an awareness that we can be so much more than we are and that there can be a magic in life. It is exciting and frightening and holds the promise of new beginnings and new experiences – if we can only open ourselves to the magic. It is an awakening and I am here to tell you, it IS possible for everyone.

For the purposes of the book I have divided the concepts into three parts though everything is so interconnected and inter-dependent it is largely an artificial division.

  • ·        Self Care
  • ·        Self Awareness
  • ·        Self Development

Because each of us is unique these may mean different things to different people and the edges often blur as we used the same tools to create different effect, but for a simplified explanation here is what I mean by these terms.

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What is Self Care?

Essentially in Self Care I look at complete well being and balance in mind, body, spirit and emotion. That involves looking at issues such as nutrition and forms of exercise that aid the physical body.
Yet it isn’t as simple as that since, as well as a physical body, we consist of complex energies. You may have heard of the chakra, the aura and the meridian lines which make up the human subtle energy body. Imbalances and blockages here can affect you as profoundly as anything physical. Indeed it is thought that many physical ailments start with or show up first in the subtle energy body.
Within the area of self care I try to help you identify problem areas in your life whether that is physical problems or emotional baggage you are holding onto. We will explore mental blocks and look for solutions and offer suggestion to bring more harmony into your life.

What is Self Awareness?

This is a natural progression from Self Care. It involves becoming more aware of how your body and emotions react to life. This is where I help you get in touch with your inner self, that part of you that is powerful, an inner wisdom you already have but don’t necessarily access. This where you develop a deeper understanding of what suits you and your body, what works for you and what does not serve you well. Included are exercises in meditation and visualization that enable you to get in touch with many aspects of your inner self to help with anything from clearing a headache to increasing your self esteem and healing your inner child.

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meditation compassion presence love from Pixabay.com

What is Self Development?

Some may consider this a move towards enlightenment but I hesitate to make such lofty claims. To me is it simply learning life lessons. It is a way of taking yourself forward, in expanding your horizons. It is an attempt to develop your sense of extended awareness and to show you how you can take every chance that comes your way to move forward on your path. If you like I try to empower you to go forward in personal growth.

Living Magically

Gill Edwards coined the phrase – Living Magically – and I can think of no more apt description or a more desirable way to live your life. As you make changes, as you grow more at ease in mind and body your life will become more balanced and in harmony, you will have increased confidence and an increase in well being so much so you will be more able to life you life to the full. 


I am here to tell you, that phrase “it’s your life in their hands” doesn’t have to stand. It doesn’t have to be like that. You can turn it around and make it YOUR Life in YOUR Hands. Now you have the choice to make simple changes in your lifestyle and your attitude that will guarantee you a fuller, happier and healthier life.

The very first step is realizing that all healing is self healing. Others may help and guide you but ultimately the responsibility and the power is yours. The ‘buck’ very much stops here.

If you know it starts with you but are totally confused where to begin I hope this helps. It is by no means the only way forward – it is ONE way. If you think this may be for you do get in touch.

Bright Blessings Ann

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