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How to Use Animal Totems in Self Help

How to use animal totems

 in personal growth, self healing and development

For those of us who are searching for reasons, answers and direction in our lives, one common theme keeps reappearing. That is, the belief that there are external forces that exist that are there to help us. They are not in place to take the decisions in life for us, that would defeat the purpose which is to learn lessons, to take responsibility for your life and to grow and develop.
Once you have set your foot on this path of discovery, one of the tools you can use is to access this wisdom are animal totums. Each of us may well have a single animal who is relevant to our lives but more likely there is an animal that is germane to a particular period in your life - to one particular point in time. If they are messages - they must change.
You can construct your own animal totem cards: these are ones I have created. You may print them out onto cards and use them for a daily 'reading' - pick one each day to see what is relevant for you on that day. There are many others on sale, the best of which is the famous ones from Jamie Sams and David Carson - Medicine Cards. 

Also be aware of everything around you. The universe is designed to send us messages to help us in our personal growth towards enlightenment. If you keep seeing the same animal - perhaps on bill-boards, in dreams or in reality, or in pictures or on TV, maybe someone or something is trying to tell you something. Maybe it is your God, maybe it is your own inner wisdom, who can tell? But the messages are there, all around you when you are willing to listen. On the other side, if an animal is bugging you - if you feel an unusual aversion to it, perhaps you should look at something within yourself that is giving you that reaction. For example, if you have a phobia about spiders, are you also shying away from all that is creative within and about you? Just food for thought.
There is a saying in metaphysics -
If you listen to the whispers ... life won't have to shout at you.

Images From Wikimedia Commons

Please note the images used here are via Wiki Commons unless otherwise stated

The bear

Ursus arctos - Norway
Ursus arctos - Norway
Source: Wiki Media

The Bear as a totem animal


Bear allows you the time to be still for a while. There is great strength within you. Perhaps you are being asked to provide a strong back for someone else to lean on. This need never drain your own power since you have the ability to delve deep inside yourself for the well of hidden strength. As you accept this strength you will find you can use it with the gentleness of bear.

The Beaver

The Beaver
The Beaver
Source: Wiki Media

The Beaver as a totem animal

If you have chosen beaver you will have a strong sense of family and home. While you are industrious and protective allow yourself time to view all your accomplishments. Enjoy a sense of achievement which comes with a building a strong family life that YOU helped to create. You are being asked to acknowledge your gifts. Continue to encourage a sense of community and unity in all you do.

Butterfly image

Butterfly on thistle
Butterfly on thistle
Source: photography by annmackiemiller

The Butterfly as an animal totem

If you have chosen the butterfly you are ready to make changes in your life. You may not yet be aware of the direction of change but allow butterfly to lead you. It is an exciting and colourful time. The true secret of transformation is to know your own mind but also be willing to change it. Enjoy the rainbows butterfly brings you

The Cat

The lucky black cat
The lucky black cat
Source: by annmackiemiller

The Cat as an animal totem

If you have chosen cat you are being asked to assert your individuality. Cat can spend hours pampering herself and perhaps it is time to do that for you. You are allowed to take a break from caring for others to care for yourself. Rediscover the delight of simple things like light and shadow. Look at everything with the eyes of cat, full of curiosity and innocence.

The Crow

Corvus corax
Source: Wiki Commons

The Crow as an animal totem

Hidden in the feathers of crow are rainbows. If you have chosen crow you are being asked to look beyond the obvious. Learn the balance of life just as crow can look at both sides. You already have the knowledge of what is right and wrong for you. Be willing to speak out, to acknowledge your own truth. Your personal integrity will never fail you.

The Deer

Red Deer at Hellafield
Red Deer at Hellafield
Source: annmackiemiller

The Deer as a animal totem

If you have chosen deer you are being asked to find the gentleness within you that can heal every wound. You have all the tools you need to solve your present difficulty. Go inside yourself to seek the answer. Stop pushing others to change. Unconditional love lets you accept them as they are just as you also accept yourself, just as you are.

Holly the white boxer cross

Holly the white boxer cross
Source: photography by annmackiemiller

The Dog as an animal totem

If you have chosen dog you are being asked to look at your service to others. Dog has a deep compassion and tolerance of human weakness. However, dog also seeks approval. It is time to seek the approval of the most important person in your life - YOU. Spend some time on your own needs. This does not betray the trust others place in you.

The Dolphin

Pink Dolphin
Source: wiki commons

The Dolphin as an animal totem

If dolphin has appeared today perhaps it is time to be mindful of your body rhythms and energy patterns. She represents a communication between spirit and sky so perhaps she is asking you to be aware of your physical needs as well as your spiritual ones. You can be like dolphin and enjoy playfulness. Like dolphin breath out as you surface, releasing your tensions and breath in joy and laughter.

White Tailed Eagle in Flight

Juvenile White Tailed Eagle in Flight
Juvenile White Tailed Eagle in Flight
Source: photography by annmackiemiller

The Eagle as an animal totem

Eagle can see forever. Eagle tells you that you can soar in the heavens but still keep a connection to the earth. You are being asked to take heart and gather your courage to take a leap of faith. Attend to daily needs but do not forget the magnificence of flight. You have the ability to set yourself free from mundane existence and join the excitement of the universe.

The Elephant

African Elephant
Source: wiki commons

The Elephant as an animal totem

If elephant has appeared today you are being asked to remember the past. Take note of all your achievements. Acknowledge that every step you have taken has brought you to this place. It is time though to unload the heavy baggage of the past, which is holding you back. You can pass the burden to elephant. The action of handing it over will release you.

The Fish

The Fish
The Fish
Source: wiki commons

The Fish as an animal totem

Just as some birds can swim, some fish can fly. If you have chosen fish you are being asked to be adaptable. Know that there are no limitations, only those you place on yourself. If you choose you can enjoy the fluidity of water and the energy of air. Remember you can always stay in the shadow of the bank for a while to rest.

The Fox

Vulpes velox
Vulpes velox
Source: wiki commons

The Fox as an animal totem

Fox es asking you to be careful. Fox chooses when he wishes to be seen. Learn from him. Look around you before you make a major decision. Perhaps you are being asked to be cautious as to whom you take into your confidence. Do not allow anyone to betray your trust. Do not settle for anything less than you are willing to give. Hold out for what is important to you.

The Frog

 Gladiator tree Frog
Gladiator tree Frog
Source: wiki commons

The Frog as an animal totem

With her affinity to water frog can help you clear away emotional baggage. She is used to transformation and can prepare you for what lies ahead. If frog has appeared to you today perhaps she is asking you to make a preparation for change. Your life is about to take on a new dimension and now is the time to look at where you are today.

The Hawk

Accipiter virgatus
Source: wiki commons

The Hawk as an animal totem

Hawk is the messenger bringing you insight. When hawk appears he is trying to tell you something. Look out for the signals and be aware of all around you. Hawk can hover high in the air so perhaps it is time to take stock of your life. Can you see what holds you back? If you look at you life from a different vantage point you may see there is nothing to stop you flying high.

The Monkey

Squirrel Monkeys
Squirrel Monkeys
Source: wiki commons

The Monkey as an animal totem

If you have chosen monkey today perhaps you are being asked to look at life from both sides. Monkey can hang upside down and get a different perspective on life. Are you being asked to look again at one of life’s problems? Perhaps your understanding has been turned around. Time to get a real grip on the situation. You can do it.

The Mouse

The Mouse in my garden
The Mouse in my garden
Source: annmackiemiller

The Mouse as an animal totem

The mouse is used to examining everything in detail. If you have chosen mouse as your totem you are being asked to pay attention to detail but you should also be aware of the overall picture. You may be hiding your fear of life in an well-organised lifestyle. Remember to look above you. Not everything is right under your nose. There may be a completely new world waiting for you to discover.

Asian Otter at Martin Mere

Asian otter at Martin Mere reserve
Asian otter at Martin Mere reserve
Source: photography by annmackiemiller

The Otter as an animal totem

Otter is playful and curious and will never start a fight unless provoked. You are being asked to call on your patience with other’s shortcomings. Accept others with the innocence of otter. Stop worrying at life and enjoy the sunshine on water that can be with us every day. Put aside material clutter that stops you from moving freely. Keep about you only that which is useful or gives you pleasure.

The Owl

baby owl
Source: annmackiemiller

The Owl as an animal totem

The owl is expert at seeing what others cannot. If you have chosen the owl no-one will be able to deceive you for long especially re motives for behaviour. You may not always be the most comfortable person to be around but you are being asked to use your powers of observation in your own life. Pay attention and do not be afraid to share your wisdom with other when it is appropriate.

The Pig

The Pig
The Pig
Source: wiki commons

The Pig as an animal totem

Although pig is the epitome of contentment this does not mean the same as complacency. Acknowledge and be grateful for all your blessings but be open to the possibility of change. You are a wonderful creation with the ability to root out the gold from the mud. Seek answers within yourself. You may be surprised by what you find.

The Raven

the raven
Source: wiki commons

The Raven as an animal totem

The raven brings magic into your life. It is time to acknowledge the magic all around you. Raven has arrived to act as your guide while you seek answers. You may be about to experience a change in the level of consciousness. Something special is about to happen. Do not be afraid of it, raven will protect you. Use raven to carry a message or healing energy

The Snail

Source: wiki commons

The Snail as an animal totem

If you have picked snail you are being asked to be patient. A slow steady progress is just as valid as a swift race to the end. At snail’s pace you are less likely to miss the joys along the pathway. Take time to watch a flower grow. Remember that all winter it waits in patience beneath the ground. In spring it comes forth to bring us all joy. Snail can teach you to honour the circle of life.

The Snake

Cobra, Indian Cobra or Spectacled Cobra, Naja naja, Family: Elapidae
Source: wiki commons

The Snake as an animal totem

Just as snake sheds his skin every year so too can you. If this is want you want, you can set aside your old skin and use this bright shining new one to represent a new beginning. Before change is always a time of introspection. Use this time to delve into your inner self. Set aside old angers, guilts and hurts that hold you back. Remember you can do this many times.

The Turtle

Chelonia mydas (Hawaiian variety)
Source: wiki commons

The Turtle as an animal totem

Turtle is the oldest symbol of earth and reminds us that as we come from the earth, so we return. If you have chosen turtle you are being asked to honour mother earth and all her creations. This includes you. Ensure you care for your own health and well being as well as you do for others. Allow turtle to protect you from envy, jealousy and hurt by others

The Wolf

wolf in Spanish zoo
wolf in Spanish zoo
Source: wiki commons

The Wolf as an animal totem

If you have chosen wolf you are seeking answers in your life. Be open to every possibility. Do not be afraid to share your experiences with others. While wolf is an individual it also works within a society. Know the times to share and the times to stand apart. Use this time to seek the teacher within you. You have far greater wisdom than you know.

The Spider

Source: wiki commons

The Spider as an animal totem

Spider invented the alphabet so if you choose spider today you are being asked to keep a record of your journey. Hidden within your record you will find the infinite possibilities of life. It is easy to get caught up in the web of life.
Acknowledge that you have the ability to change it at any time. You may be being asked to allow your creative nature to shine.

A New Day A New Start

YOUR Life in YOUR Hands

 is a course in self help or self healing if you prefer. It has been a long time in the making and comes from over 45 years of experience. I've let the project lie in the last few years just occassionally tinkering with it. This has largely been because of the place I am in myself: I am shut down, curled in and protected but not productive. Recently I have met a couple of lovely people involved in complimentary health and this has been the first step in my own healing. So... this week I decided to 'take' the course as I write it - hopefully by March both it and I will be ready to share it with others in workshops. I won't share my whole journey here, some of it is too personal but I will post some insights as they appear. Wish me luck. 

As you know I believe in synchronicity - of things turning up to give you messages and encouragement and what appeared when I made decision to take the course?

Friday, 24 April 2015

Life Lessons: Daily Reflection for 24th April

Water Water Everywhere

dripping faucet with skull and crossbones water drop
faucet from 
If the Universe is sending me a message right now it involves water. I've written about signs, symbols, synchronicity and listening to the whispers in an earlier post. Now I need to put it into practice and to reflect on what this means for me and what I am supposed to be paying attention to. These are my reflections on this particular whisper and how to interpret its meaning.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Numerology: What does you name tell you?

number cubes
numbers from

Here is a fun test on how to translate your name and date of birth into numerology terms to reveal what it says about you and your purpose in life.

Numerology can be fun or it can be serious. It is the metapyshic concept that believes there is a link between letters and numbers that can aid in deciphering character and personality traits.

Here it is a bit of fun with a serious twist. I use it with my clients as a simple way of getting in touch with their inner feelings and how they actually feel about themselves - something discussed in a more serious way within the course. YOUR Life in YOUR Hands.

 In his article The Basics of Pythagorean Numerology, Michael McClain appears to align it as a form of astronomy and an aid in self help. Michael explains just what numerolgy is and as the aritcle is easy to read I recommend you go there for deeper understanding. 

Daily Affirmation 22nd April

My daily Affirmation for 22nd April

affirmation card
Bruce the Springdiddly Goose with my daily affirmation
This morning I picked out a card that said 'Life is Wonderful! My first reaction - really? Then I sat myself down and gave my thought process a good talking to.

Yes I have problems like anyone else not least of all a leaking pipe resulting from an incompetent plumber I warned the landlord about. At the time he dismissed me as an old woman - and this morning I was very tempted to bring out the 'I told you so' card. But that serves no purpose does it? All it does is give energy and power to the negative side of my nature.

A trip out in the sunshine to Upton Cottage to feed Minnie the cat put it all in perspective for me. Outside their door is a beautiful floral arrangement in containers and I was greeted with loud purrs from my furry friend and everything started to slide back into place.

Spring is my favourite time of year and my card today reminds me - time to enjoy it.

tulips, pansies
Spring Flowers in Container

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Daily Affirmation 21st April

Daily Affirmation 21st April

I've been a bit slack in keeping up posting my daily affirmations but today seems the ideal day to start sharing again. 

I'm impatient - I want everything done now, done today and when I have a full load of work to get done as I do right now,  I tend to do nothing. It just seems so overwhelming. So when I picked this card out I thought, yes, time to be patient with myself. 

Today I will take one step at a time, I won't agonize over things I don't get done and celebrate the things that I do. 

Today I will be patient with me. 

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Cranberries and Their Use in Treating Urinary Tract Infections

Can Cranberries Really Help with Urinary Tract Infections?

cranberries on the bush
cranberries on the bush from
This is one of my occasionally posts on specific medical problems. I have often been asked if natural remedies really work, in this case using cranberries as part of a treatment programme when you have a urinary tract infection. Do they really work? Providing you are not using sweetened cranberry juice since the sugar has the opposite effect, I would say, yes to that.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Medication

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Medication

BP Machine and Stethoscope

BP Machine and Stethoscope
BP Machine and Stethoscope

What is Hypertension and How To Treat it Without Medication

Hypertension is the medical term for high blood pressure and is one of the leading causes of heart disease and strokes in the UK. If you want to learn more about it, causes and more especially how to cope with it, to reduce it without medication, this is the place for you.
Since it seldom shows symptoms, some have dubbed it the silent killer. It is generally detected by routine testing by your doctor or nurse.
There are several ways to bring down high blood pressure without using medication but let me first of all start with a warning. In severe cases medication cannot be avoided so be guided by your doctor. If you are not sure, check with your doctor first - ask him if it would be appropriate to try to bring it down yourself before going on medication.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Daily Divination: Crystal Awareness

Daily Divination with Clear Quartz

clear quartz cluster rock crystal
Rock Crystal Cluster from
My affirmation today turned out to be a crystal awareness card - another tool I use in my life's journey. I took it to suggest I pick out a crystal that is relevant for me for today. I keep a basket of crystals beside my affirmation cards so.... the crystal that has come to me is clear quartz or rock crystal. Here is what it means for me.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Daily Affirmation 25th January

Reflection on an Affirmation

It is no secret I am going through a bad patch right now so it was lovely to pick this card today.
positive inspiration
affirmation card
Peace can be hard to come by especially when the person you are at war with is yourself.

Inner peace though - is only a breath away.

Friday, 23 January 2015

My Daily Affirmation January 23rd

Reflection on an Affirmation

affirmation card
Affirmation Card
I haven't posted in the last few days largely because I was upset. It doesn't take much to shake my confidence so my mood dipped into its usual spiral. So when this card turned up today I had to wonder just what constitutes the past - is it your childhood, years ago or could it be as recent as yesterday? I think it can. Affirmations aren't a cure-all but they are a welcome tool in living.

I know the person who upset me had no intention of doing so, she was just thoughtless, it is MY reaction that is my problem. Am I so low in self-esteem that I still need other people's approval? I suppose I have to be honest and answer yes so today I am using this affirmation to work through my reaction. The hardest person you need to forgive is yourself. So today, I am forgiving myself for my past.

Forgive the past Affirmation Card
Forgive the past Affirmation Card