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Self Help Tip: Keeping a Journal

How to Keep a Journal for 

Self Help and Self Development

diary and pen
my journal and pen
The first thing I get clients on my YOUR Life in YOUR Hands course to do is to start keeping a journal so if you would like to take the first step on a journey of self help and self development, here are some tips to help you do just that.
The point of keeping a journal is to give you the opportunity to take stock, to see where you are going, where you want to go and how you are getting on on your journey. Essentially - it is your chance to get in touch with the real you. With this aid I am asking you to learn about yourself, to read your own reactions and to come to understand your own power. 

Your journal doesn't have to be elaborate, it doesn't even have to be grammatical. It is a record for your eyes only, no one is ever going to see it except yourself so it is a real opportunity to drop the shields and be completely honest. 

It can be a physical journal or a computer one, whichever works for you.

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writing in a journal from

Tips on Keeping a Journal

1.     Allow it to be enjoyable, if it is a chore you won’t do it. If, because of where you are at this moment in time, it feels like a chore, make sure every time you do write something that you congratulate yourself for an accomplishment. Shrug off the days you add nothing. Every day gives you a new opportunity for a new start.

2.     If you like working with a computer, you will find a journal on computer will make it even less of a chore.

3.     It is important that for the duration you write something in your journal every time you do something related to self help or self development. If that is a meditation don’t try to analysis it during the meditation but write down your experience immediately after you finish.
Coming back later is part of the key to understanding your journey. 

4.     Although you don’t need to fill it in every day put a date on each entry.

5.     Be completely honest here. To do that you have to REALLY listen to yourself and your reactions.

6.     Put down everything, even the things you don’t like to admit.

7.     Write down the negatives as well as the positives.

8.     Having written them down, go back and read them often and see if your reactions are any different as the weeks go by.

9.     Remember you are not writing the “great” work of the century so don’t be too picky about what and how you write. Sometime a single word can say everything you want so don’t knock it. On the other hand you may be like me – writing things down is one of the ways in which I deal with life and my issues – so go for it.

10.   Include all dreams and meditation insights that you have, a notebook by your bedside is always handy. Just note down key words which will spark your memory later when you have time to write it all in your journal.

From time to time I'll give you some exercises that use your journal so best get started... 

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