Friday, 23 January 2015

My Daily Affirmation January 23rd

Reflection on an Affirmation

affirmation card
Affirmation Card
I haven't posted in the last few days largely because I was upset. It doesn't take much to shake my confidence so my mood dipped into its usual spiral. So when this card turned up today I had to wonder just what constitutes the past - is it your childhood, years ago or could it be as recent as yesterday? I think it can. Affirmations aren't a cure-all but they are a welcome tool in living.

I know the person who upset me had no intention of doing so, she was just thoughtless, it is MY reaction that is my problem. Am I so low in self-esteem that I still need other people's approval? I suppose I have to be honest and answer yes so today I am using this affirmation to work through my reaction. The hardest person you need to forgive is yourself. So today, I am forgiving myself for my past.

Forgive the past Affirmation Card
Forgive the past Affirmation Card

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