Thursday, 8 January 2015

My Daily Affirmation 8th January

Daily Affirmation for Self Help

My Steps are Sure
My Way is Clear

This keeps turning up for me - my way is clear, my steps are sure. At a time when I'm not all that sure what I should be doing with my life I pick this card repeatedly.

At age 62 and 3/4 I am still getting used to the idea of being an Old Age Pensioner - that was someone REALLY old when I was young. With life's knocks and trials it is easy to think the best of my life is over - no more romances to enjoy - no more adventures to be had. Most of the time I feel I have given the best I have to offer - I've done the nursing thing, I've done the thearpist thing, I've done the aid work thing, the charity and volunteer thing, the academic teaching thing - and I feel pretty played out.

Yet I still feel as if I am looking for something, for a purpose and a way ahead.

Do I really need to know where the path is taking me? Perhaps I should simply be enjoying the journey and not looking to the final destination it will carry me to. That is my adventure - if I want it - to live every step in the present.  Right this minute my path is writing, in passing on and sharing some of the knowledge I have found along the path.

So yes, in living in the present I will say today

My Steps are Sure
My Way is Clear

and I add
The Universe makes it so.

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