Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My Daily Affirmation: 6th January

Daily Affirmations and what they mean 

Affirmation Cards
Affirmation Cards
I have a basket full of affirmation cards I have picked up over the years, some are bought, some given, some I even made myself. Every day I pick one and sometimes they don't make me feel comfortable which is an indication I should probably be looking at why that is. For the next few weeks, in the darkest days of winter, I plan to share with you the card I pick for the day and the thoughts and feelings it stimulates. Maybe this is something you would like to copy as you reach for better health in mind, body and spirit.

Tuesday 6th January

I enjoy being me affirmation card
I enjoy being me Affirmation Card

When I first picked out this card my instant response was - no I don't - but then that is what it is all about isn't it? Using affirmations to create more positive thoughts about yourself and your life.

So how do I change my negative thoughts into positive ones? First of all I need to look at the negative ones:
I hate getting old
I hate the way I look
I hate how anti-social I am
There are lots more but I think I'll keep those for my private journal

When I look at those - can't do much about getting old but take as good care of myself as I can. On the other side, I would hate to be a teenager in this day and age. I do think they have a lot more pressures than we did in an more innocent age but I would never want to give up my own innocent experiences. I grew up and matured in the days of Peace, Love and Ban the Bomb and I still carry those principles. I think youngsters have a much more jaded outlook on life much younger than my generation did.

I hate the way I look - well I AM doing something about that - so far I have lost 2 stones in weight and have only another 1 to go before I will feel satisfied. If you are wondering, I am using the 5:2 diet which is actually more of a lifestyle than a diet but it works for me. I'm also taking more exercise albeit gentle exercise, none of this no-pain-no-gain melarky for me. But as I feel better inside I notice I am beginning to look better outside. An old cliche but true none the less.

Being anti-social - yes sometimes I feel ackward turning down invitations and trying to explain that, no I don't actually need company. I am happy in my isolation.  Yes, there it is -

I am happy being me - I live the life I want (with two cats), in a comfortable home in a quiet village. I have access to all I need within close driving distance and company if I want it. I may not have much in the way of money but I have enough and know the universe will continue to provide all I need. Do I want more? Of course I do - I would like to own my own home again for one thing - I wouldn't be human otherwise

 but all in all

I enjoy being me and I shall repeat that to myself all day long.

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