Saturday, 10 January 2015

My Daily Affirmation: 10th January


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Affirmation card: today I will reach out my hand

As always I need to think about my card today. At first glance it is simple - I will reach out my hand. 

Why? My first instinct is - to help someone in need, that is the compulsive carer in me and probably something I do best. Admittedly I do most of that at a distance these days. It is easier for me to be anonymous, to remain hidden online or in the background where I don't actually have to make contact in any sort of physical or emotional sense. Life experience has left me battered and bruised and I have chosen to retreat into my shell to protect myself.

So... if we are talking life lessons heres - perhaps today's card is less about me reaching out my hand to help, but reaching out my hand to connect - to accept that sometimes I am the one in need of that compulsive caring. 

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