Wednesday, 14 January 2015

How to Use Affirmation Cards or Divination Cards in Meditation for Self Help

How to meditate for self help, self healing, self development and growth

oriental woman meditating from
Woman Meditating from
Phew that was a long-winded title but as close as I can get to my intention. Meditation is a wonderful tool for getting in touch with your inner feelings and can be used extensively to harness your inner strength and wisdom. Here I give you a step-by-step meditation using affirmation cards or other divination tools.

Using Meditation to Access your Inner Voice

You can use an affirmation or other divination as a meditation tool - as something to take with you into your meditative state for answers, for enlightment or healing. We all have an inner wisdom that we can access for help.

Sometimes just being still can make things seem clearer.

Using an affirmation card for meditation

Read this through several times until you get the idea. It is a guideline, don't worry if you don't follow it exactly, everyone responds differently so go with your flow - not mine.

  1. Pick out your card for the day. It could as easily be some other tool of divination you use.
  2. Sit unright in a chair in a warm place where you will not be disturbed. Place your feet flat on the ground, relax your shoulders and lay your hands in your lap. 
  3. You can hold your card or just the thought of your card in your mind - basically you are 'programming' the intention of your meditation to be on what that means for you and how you can best use it.
  4. Close your eyes and take three really deep breaths filling your lungs completely and emptying your lungs completely. As you become more practiced this will act as a 'trigger' to get you into a meditative state faster.
  5. Concentrate on watching how you breathe - you breathe in, you pause, you breathe out, you pause, you breathe in... in a steady circle. Let the thoughts in your mind just slip through, don't latch onto any one, just watch how you breathe and let your body and mind relax.
  6. Take your awareness - your attention to the centre of your chest and breathe. 
  7. In your mind's eye see a tiny figure of yourself sitting in your heart space - if you are still - you can hear your heart beat and your lungs fill and empty. Be still and just listen and relax.
  8. When you are ready ask "what does this affirmation mean and why has it come to me today?"
  9. Just let images, impressions, sensations wash through you. Do not try to understand them at this stage, just let them run. It may be something else entirely comes to your mind and that is fine, it is obviously something your inner wisdom feels more important at this time. 
  10. . In your mind's eye imagine your feet are firmly rooting in the earth and that above your head is a shining disc, one on the top of your head and one six inches above it - this closes the crown chakra so you don't get bombarded with energies throughout the day and the roots ground you back to the earth. 
  11. When you feel ready, begin to be more aware of your physical body - wriggle your fingers and toes.
  12. Take three really deep breaths and come back to the room.
  13. Immediately write down your impressions - they might be a jumble but you can analysis them after you put down everything you remember before it disappears. 


  1. Excellent guidelines Ann. I wonder where did you get your affirmation meditation cards?

    1. thanks - I've collected them over the years and made some of my own - I'll add some recommendations at a later date