Saturday, 17 January 2015

My Daily Affirmation 17th January

Reflections on an affirmation

Sometimes I don't know where the cards have come from that appear in my basket and that is so with this one -
A poem on the secret of life
A poem on the secret of life

I don't know who wrote it or how I came to have it but since it seemed less of an affirmation than an inspiration I picked out another card - guess what...

affirmation card - change
Affirmation card for change
Don't you just love it when the magic comes together?

OK  confess I groaned when the change one came up - if you have been travelling this path for any time you will know that change is happening all the time and there are times when I at least just want to be comfortable with where I am right now. But in reality - change is the only constant as they say. I made the constant choice at the beginning of this year to take more charge of my life, my reactions and my path and for that to happen, I need to be open to change. So... today it looks as if I am giving the universe permission to help me make any changes necessary for my higher good. And yes, I am paying attention to the first card and trying to accept every day as a magnificent adventure.

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