Monday, 12 January 2015

My Daily Affirmation 12 January

Self Help with Affirmations & Other Cards

Every morning I pick out a card from my basket as part of my self help, self development strategy. Most of the time they are affiramation cards, something I will repeat constantly throughout the day to make it so. But they are also to reflect on what they mean for me personally and try to figure out why they have appeared today. In the same basket are self help cards and other divination cards, primarily crystals and animal totems. Today's card is an exercise in self help. Want to join me?

The Main Thing... Affirmation Exercise
The Main Thing... Affirmation Exercise

Of course my very first reaction is probably the same as everyone else - not a lot. It made me feel uncomfortable that I would need to sit and think about some positive aspects of me - but - here goes.

Appearance wise - I have to say my legs! I've always had good legs and grew up in the age of mini skirts, even our nurses uniforms were short!. Today they are the only parts of my body that have aged well. It's like having two different hemispheres - slim and shaply legs and ankles and blob above - well less blob than a few months ago but still not exactly a matching set.

Now that whole paragraph is telling and something I obviously still need to consider. Why did I feel compelled to add a negative onto a positive? We all do it, the trick is - if you turn up something you don't like, either do something to change it ( like me and my 5:2 diet) or learn to live and accept it.

I was tempted to go with this exercise and I probably will in my personal journal - I like my compassion, my principles and ethics and a whole lot more. But it is the physical that I stumble on most and if it makes me so uncomfortable that I am having trouble expressing it - then I really need to look more closely at why it is important to my personal self esteem and what I can do about it to change my reaction. So I will take today to react to this card and

 maybe today my card will read

self help affirmation card

annmackiemiller Dundee 1973
Nursing Graduation in Dundee 1973

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  1. I agree, we should learn to love/accept ourselves more. Its like when you receive a compliment, really the best response is "Thankyou". There is no need to brush it off or fill in with a negative. Excellent post, made me think...

    Also that is a lovely photo of you at your graduation :)