Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My Daily Affirmation 13th January

Meditation on a Daily Affirmation

Today the card that appeared is this one:

I dance and the world dances with me affirmation card
Dance Affirmation Card

I confess I am at a loss. What the heck does that mean? I don't dance! Well not in public anyway, I have no sense of rhythm from my neck down - it is there in my head but my body can't hear it. So how is this relevant for me here and now?

Usually as I type away things become clearer but not today - so - OK maybe I need to do a meditation on it and you can read my earlier post about to do that. 

You can always use an affirmation or other divination as a meditation tool - as something to take with you into your meditative state for answers, enlightments, healing, growth - whatever is on your path.
So this is what I did.

As always meditation and visualization never cease to amaze me - it is incredible what our brains are capable of.

I won't go into details because that would mean explaining even MORE stuff but suffice it to say what came out of my meditation is that I need to take more time to play - to be less serious - and to dance in anyway that is appropriate to me personally. Right now that is waltzing (my version of a waltz) round the kitchen with the cat - don't think she was too impressed.

I Hope You Dance!


  1. Yes! Take time to play, you will never regret that. I love to dance and meditation is I agree amazing! As soon as I saw that card it meant to me dancing like a free spirit, being more free , more wonder, less weighed down with stuff that bothers me. Does that make sense? I love that you waltzed around your kitchen. Dancing with cats - brilliant :)

    1. thanks for sharing what it means to you - I am hoping more people will do that