Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My Daily Affirmation: 7th January

Using Affirmations for Self Help

scene isle of may from Crail
affirmation card: the power of the Universe by annmackiemiller
I am reminded this morning that I am not alone. It is so easy when you are on a journey of self discovery to think that you are - all alone that is. Yet everything in the Universe is geared to supporting and nourishing us. From the beauty of a seascape to the food that we eat, the people we meet, the joys we encounter and the messages it sends us.

I made up this card using a photo I took of the Isle of May in the Firth of Forth Scotland because it reminded me of the joy of natural things that surround us. In my striving for a healthier lifestyle I am reminded that the universe provides me with all I need. The people that come into my life - and yours - are exactly those that support me or have come to teach me something. All around are simple joys to enjoy - the birds on my bird feeders, the cat lying in my lap as I try to type this around her. And the messages - well - I believe the Universe is our guide and sends us messages - as it does when you use  affirmation cards as a tool for self -help and divination.  I'll be writing more about Signs, Symbols and Synchronisitic in anther post.

Yesterday in considering my affirmation I realised that I am happy in my isolation - Today this card appeared to remind me that although that is so - I am never really alone and today I am rejoicing in the peace and inner calm this realization brings me.

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  1. This is a lovely and thought provoking post Ann. You know i read your affirmation card several times over, it is so beautiful and makes so much sense. I understand what you mean about simple joys. I wish you happiness, peace and calm and joy every day.