Friday, 24 April 2015

Life Lessons: Daily Reflection for 24th April

Water Water Everywhere

dripping faucet with skull and crossbones water drop
faucet from 
If the Universe is sending me a message right now it involves water. I've written about signs, symbols, synchronicity and listening to the whispers in an earlier post. Now I need to put it into practice and to reflect on what this means for me and what I am supposed to be paying attention to. These are my reflections on this particular whisper and how to interpret its meaning.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Numerology: What does you name tell you?

number cubes
numbers from

Here is a fun test on how to translate your name and date of birth into numerology terms to reveal what it says about you and your purpose in life.

Numerology can be fun or it can be serious. It is the metapyshic concept that believes there is a link between letters and numbers that can aid in deciphering character and personality traits.

Here it is a bit of fun with a serious twist. I use it with my clients as a simple way of getting in touch with their inner feelings and how they actually feel about themselves - something discussed in a more serious way within the course. YOUR Life in YOUR Hands.

 In his article The Basics of Pythagorean Numerology, Michael McClain appears to align it as a form of astronomy and an aid in self help. Michael explains just what numerolgy is and as the aritcle is easy to read I recommend you go there for deeper understanding. 

Daily Affirmation 22nd April

My daily Affirmation for 22nd April

affirmation card
Bruce the Springdiddly Goose with my daily affirmation
This morning I picked out a card that said 'Life is Wonderful! My first reaction - really? Then I sat myself down and gave my thought process a good talking to.

Yes I have problems like anyone else not least of all a leaking pipe resulting from an incompetent plumber I warned the landlord about. At the time he dismissed me as an old woman - and this morning I was very tempted to bring out the 'I told you so' card. But that serves no purpose does it? All it does is give energy and power to the negative side of my nature.

A trip out in the sunshine to Upton Cottage to feed Minnie the cat put it all in perspective for me. Outside their door is a beautiful floral arrangement in containers and I was greeted with loud purrs from my furry friend and everything started to slide back into place.

Spring is my favourite time of year and my card today reminds me - time to enjoy it.

tulips, pansies
Spring Flowers in Container

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Daily Affirmation 21st April

Daily Affirmation 21st April

I've been a bit slack in keeping up posting my daily affirmations but today seems the ideal day to start sharing again. 

I'm impatient - I want everything done now, done today and when I have a full load of work to get done as I do right now,  I tend to do nothing. It just seems so overwhelming. So when I picked this card out I thought, yes, time to be patient with myself. 

Today I will take one step at a time, I won't agonize over things I don't get done and celebrate the things that I do. 

Today I will be patient with me.