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Introduction to Meditation

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I mention meditation several times and it has been pointed out to me that not everyone knows what I mean so here we go with some sort of an explanation. Just remember this is MY truth, not the ONLY truth.

Meditation doesn't have to be sitting cross-legged with burning candles, incense and 'Oms' although that is very pleasant. Neither is it in any way complicated. A meditation is any time when you quiet your mind, even if it is only for a minute. It is a form of mental exercise and like any exercise it takes practice.

Everyone is very familiar with the constant chatter in your brain. Meditation tries to clear the chatter and allow the quiet, intuitive side of the brain a chance. 

The brain is divided into two hemispheres, the left and the right. The left side of the brain is the logical side, the side which believes it is in charge and never stops chattering. The right brain is the intuitive side, the 'Eureka' side if you like. It provides the answers although you may not be quite sure how you reached it. The right side of the brain cannot communicate in plain language. As in dreams it comes in the form of symbols and images and you can have great fun interpreting them.

If you do find yourself receiving images, don't try to analysis them while you are meditating, write them down after you finish and take your time reading the signs. As with anything involving symbolism, the interpretation is very individual; what it means to you personally it the important thing. 

Scientists reckon we use 10% of our brain function which gives us 90% of exciting possibilities about what else we can do.

What you are doing in meditation is gaining access to the right side of your brain.  You are quieting the chatter of the left side of the brain and you do that by boring it into submission. For example if you concentrate really hard on counting each breath, say to a count of 10 breaths, the left side of the brain will kick in with the latest shopping list or the conversation you had with someone last week. However, if you gently bring you mind back to counting each breath starting again at 1, the left brain will eventually quiet. At first you may only succeed for a second or two but each time your mind wanders just gently begin your count again and eventually your clutter will clear for longer and longer periods. The idea is to allow that chatter to just pass on by without you taking much notice of it. 

Huh, I hear you say what is the sense of all that? I don't get images or flashes or anything. That's OK; there is nothing wrong, at this point you are just trying to condition your mind to a state of quiet and relaxation. Even with the simple exercise you are taking the first steps in Self-Care and while you do that you are also learning to relax. That slows your heart rate, brings down your Blood Pressure, and allows hormone levels to settle and relax and release toxins from your muscles. In our present stressful society that is no mean thing. You will feel better.

The power of your mind is a big as the universe. Exploring it in different forms is fun, challenging and exciting. It opens whole new worlds of possibilities. This is just the start.

Cleansing Meditation
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Try this 
read it over a few of times first
remember this is only a suggestion; let your own mind give you direction. If you find your mind wandering just gently bring it back to the light.

  • Find a warm quiet spot where you will not be disturbed.
  • Sit upright in a chair with your feet on the floor, hands resting comfortably on your knees.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take 3 really deep breaths, filling your lungs completely and emptying them completely. In days to come this will form a trigger to get you in the right frame of mind.
  • Let your breath settle by bringing your awareness (your attention) to the centre of your chest.
  • Watch your breath forming a calming circle, you breathe in, pause, breathe out and pause, then breathe in. You do not need to force it. Just note how some breaths are short, some long. Forming a circle.
  • In your mind's eye see a tiny figure of yourself sitting in your heart space. If you can hear your heart beat.....and the breath entering and leaving your body.... you are peaceful and calm....and totally aware of that.
  • With one breath you can transfer your awareness to that small figure.
  • Allow the figure to stand up and look around.
  • Ahead of you is a door. It is made of wood, beautifully carved with flowers and trees, butterflies and birds.
  • As you watch the door opens and beyond it is light. For you it might be pure white or any other colour it needs to be, it may be shot through with rainbows. Allow it to take its own form.
  • Step through the door into the light.
  • Let the light surround you.
  • Allow yourself to feel the light.
  • Breathe it in through your mouth, through your skin.
  • Stand in the centre of this light where there is no guilt, no anger, no judgement, just pure, unconditional love, peace and contentment.
  • Let the light cleanse you. Let it sweep away all your traumas, all your cares and allow it to leave you feeling renewed, strengthened and refreshed. able to cope with anything.
  • Take that feeling with you as you return through the door and sit again in your heart space.
  • Let your breath settle.
  • Become aware of your physical body.
  • Move your hands and feet.
  • Gently come back to the room feeling refreshed and invigorated.

 I look forward to sharing more meditations with you.

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