Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Learning to Live Positively: Step 1 Changing your inner language


 I'm sure everyone has noticed how much negativity surrounds us. It is like a virus. The good news is that is doesn't have to affect our lives. We all have the capacity to choose to live positively and in doing so, to improve the quality of our lives.

 Here's how to get started...

 In the first instance change your language especially the language inside your head.
Energy follows Thought
In other words, what you think is what you get. For example, if you wake in the morning telling yourself this will be a lousy day, that is exactly what you will have. On the other hand if you tell yourself this is a great day, the chances are that is what you will attract. At the very least you will be better able to cope with whatever comes your way.

 That is a two fold process. 
  1.  Firstly it hypes you up and lightens your mood. 
  2.  For those of you who still need the scientific explanation, it releases chemicals in the brain which make you feel better.
  3. Secondly it sends a message out to the universe and the universe will try to make it reality for you. Just remember, the universe always goes with whatever is for your highest good. So if it is not for your higher good to win the lottery this week, you won't. On the other hand if you don't buy a ticket, how will you know? 
  4.  You have the ability to harness your life with the strongest tool at your disposal, you mind.

Every thought you think is a point of power in your life.
Therefore it stands to reason that if you introduce positive language in your life and in your mind, positive things can happen. When you find yourself with a negative thought, turn it on its head into a positive one and see how much easier to cope with that is. For example turn chores into tasks; the second always feel more achievable than the first. It opens you up the possibility of enjoying an achievement rather than being dragged down by an obligation.

 Pick out several negative statements you use every day and change them into positive ones. Make it into a game with family and friends.

 One that springs instantly to mind for me is when you answer the phone and someone says, 'it's only me.' Why 'only'? Isn't it diminishing? By the simple expedient of leaving out one word the whole connotation of the conversation changes; if you like, it empowers the speaker - makes her stand taller, prouder.

 On your cheques where you write pay xyz number of pounds 'only' - change that to 'please' and it opens up your universe.

What others can you think of?

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