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What is divination? How to use it for self help

Rhododendron in bub
Rhododendron in bub
 Photography by annmackiemiller

Divination as a tool of self help and development

I believe the Universe provides us with all the help we need to achieve growth as a human being  - to help us achieve our full potential.  First is simply common sense and an ability to think,  to imagine and  to explore.  Second is our ability to develop self-awareness.  Anyone can learn to use simple forms of divination to achieve that end.  All you are really doing is tuning in to your inner self, that part of you that is wise and already has all the answers you will ever need. 
All of us are constantly asking questions.  What should I do next, is this the right job for me, is there something more I could be doing, what's it all about, am I on the right path?  It is part of modern society that we seem beset with the questions and don't really trust ourselves to know the answers.  We have abdicated our responsibilities to others, to those we feel are superior to us in some way.  They'll not, they just shout louder than your inner self.  
In a way I suppose it comes down to self esteem and the realization that no one outside of yourself really knows what is best for you and for your highest good.  The answer may not always be the one you want.
Often it seems that we are flailing about in the dark, muddling though with no real idea of where to turn.  The where to turn is easy - inside.  At first it seems difficult to access that inner self, but in the end it is like pressing the right buttons on your computer, strike the right key and hey presto - a document appears.  In self divination, press the right internal button and hey presto - you have within you an accessible tool that will never let you down.  Just remember no decision is ever a WRONG decision, it is just a choice, it may mean you take a bit of a detour, but there are always lessons that you will learn along the way.

Simple divination methods

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Pick a word for daily inspiration or guidance

Simple, easy, instant. Use this method for everyday work - you aren't asking for an answer to a specific question, just general insight for the day.  As always, it is your intention that is important so, if in your mind you are looking for a little guidance that is what you will receive.  Use a dictionary or any other book, maybe a favourite of yours, maybe one with inspirational quotes like meditations for women who do too much.

I have a dictionary handy so in the morning I open a page and the first word that catches my eye is usually the one that is most relevant for that day. I don't believe in coincidence, I believe something comes to you for a reason. Often it is something I need to look at in myself - today for example my word is "mislead". I didn't say it would always be something you are comfortable with and I confess I did feel uneasy when I spotted that one. It is tempting to look for another you like better but that is just avoidance. So - now I will take some time to do a meditation on that word - is it me who is being led astray, it is me who is doing the leading, am I misleading someone or being misled? Don't forget that the person I might be misleading is myself - am I kidding myself about something? Only I will know and once I recognise it then I can take steps to work with it.

my affirmation cards

Daily Affirmation Cards

These are cards printed with a positive message. There are lots of affirmation cards available to buy - I've collected quite a few over the years. Some of them are simple positive statements, some are inspirational quotes or poems I have picked up. I keep them in a basket near my telephone. Then I can either pick one out every day or when I am on the phone.  I often find myself idly flicking through them when I am talking to friends and it never fails to surprise me that a card I pick out on those occasions are relevant for them. 

I trained to facilitate Louise L Hay workshops so as always some of my favourite tools for self help come from her.

And of course, you can make your own! It can be something as simple as typing out a list of positive saying, printing them out and cutting into individual slips you can shuffle around. Personally I use business card templates and print them out on business cards - I'll show you how I do it in another place soon. It's in the development stage :)  I've done with animal totems and with crystals. 
photography by annmackiemiller
bowl of crystals
photography by annmackiemiller

Daily Divination with Crystals

As I am a crystal therapist and reader it is no surprise I use crystals for divination too. I have bowls of crystals all over the house and pick out one to carry most days. The crystals that turns up for you is usually relevant for that day. Tomorrow it might be something completely different. 
You can find sources online if you need - be discerning and pick out the ones that seem to ring true for you. Like anything, interpretation is what is means to YOU, not necessarily to someone else. This one is quite good but there are others you might browse through. - A-Z of crystal meanings

Divination is something we will explore in more depth as time goes on but for now I hope this little introduction has given you something to think about. 
Bright Blessings. 

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